When I was researching and preparing for our first round of whole30, I realized that there was a dearth of info on how to survive whole30, but most of it was region-specific to North America. Living in Singapore, we had to do a lot of the legwork ourselves with regard to where we could eat out (which is so tough) and where to find compliant ingredients that make your whole30 life easier and don't cost an arm and a leg (e.g. sausages, bacon, hot sauce etc). I am hoping this "survival guide" will help you out if you're local and planning on trying whole30 out. 



Welcome to Whim & Wanderlust!

I'm Sheralyn and this is my lovely little family - my husband, Steve, and our two babies, Oscar (3) and River (10months). We currently live in Singapore, a tropical island city in South East Asia. Steve was raised in Canada and we met and fell in love in Toronto while in university. We got married in 2011 and welcomed Oscar into our lives in 2014 and River in 2016. 

Oscar's Rescue Bots Third Birthday

Oscar turned three last month. It's hard to believe how quickly time flies, wasn't he just a fresh babe in my arms not long ago? This year, like always, we asked him what he'd like his birthday theme to be. He flip-flopped a little between superheroes and Star Wars but eventually settled on Rescue Bots - an entry level Transformers, as Steve would say.